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All items must be washed or dry cleaned, free of stains and holes, and free of smoke and odors. Clothing must be “in season”. Twinkle has the right to reject or accept any items.

The 60-day consignment contract begins once items are entered into inventory.The consignor will get an email listing the items and prices. This process may take up to one week. At any time during the 60-day period, we have the authority, at our discretion, to reduce the items up to, but no more than, 50% off of the entire price.

The consignor may choose to pick up their unsold items after their 60-day contract has expired. Some items may be extended for consignment, if they are in season and agreed upon by Twinkle and the consignor. Items may also be donated to charity if the consignor does not want them returned. We donate to Domestic Abuse Project in Media, Pa.

Prices are determined by the Twinkle staff after research and comparison with other resale listings and sites. Consignor input is welcomed! Commission is 40% of the sale price (full or reduced price). Commission is 50% for designer items (handbags, furs, etc.) priced $300 and above. Twinkle is not responsible for any lost, stolen, missing, or damaged items. Checks will be issued by the end of every month following all sales on or before the 15th of that month. Checks can be picked up at Twinkle Resale Boutique on the last Friday of every month.

Contact us by telephone or email if you have any further questions!